Alfredo Yao Success Story – The Juice king Of Phillippines!!

Alfredo Yao Success Story

Not every rich human is born with a silver spoon. Some have to work hard to earn a good life. If you are reading this article, you better know that I am talking about the famous Alfredo Yao or the Zest O founder. Alfredo Yao’s success story is unlike other rich businessmen.

Alfredo Yao is also known as the juice king of the Philippines because of his Zest-O product. He’s one of the richest men in the Philippines and has built his legacy irrespective of all the hardships that life threw at him.

Want to know Alfredo Yao success story? Go on and read the full post to witness his journey of becoming a prominent Filipino businessman.

Alfredo Yao Success Story

At the very young age of 12 years, Yao’s father died and he eventually had to leave his studies although he didn’t want to. Then to support his family, since he was the sole breadwinner of the family after his father’s death, he started a printing business at the age of 17. For this business, he took a loan with a php of 3000.

while he was on a tour to Europe he discovered a new way of packaging. To implement the new packaging strategy he even bought a packaging machine but his company didn’t approve of his idea. But Yao was very confident about his idea so he kept working on his juice production at home with his own unique packaging.

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Zest-O orange juices were launched within the next 2 years from his kitchen. Over the years his business diversified from packaging and printing. Now Zest-O introduced so many flavours other than orange juice. Soon Yao’s success made him popular among various business ventures and people started calling him the juice magnate with the Midas touch.

And hence Alfredo M. Yao, the juice king was born.

Wrap Up

Hope you liked reading Alfredo Yao success story. His life has been an inspiration for so many out there. The audience feels connected to his life. belonging to a poor family and raised without proper education but still, he had the faith and the right skills that made him what he is today.

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