Croptimistic Got $9.1M Series; Plan To Acquires CropPro

Croptimistic Got $9.1M Series; Plan To Acquires CropPro

Canada-based AgTech company, Optimistic raised a series round led by Forage Capital Partners at $9.1 million in series B.

CEO Cory said CompanyInsights that they acquired CropPro but the deal amount is confidential right now they don’t want to close but they raised around $9.1 million before acquiring the CropPro.

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Optimistic was known for its key software SWAT Maps. The SWAT Maps are AI-designed plans according to the Soil, Water and Topography of the soil. Then the user plan agriculture according to the plan. Moreover, we have 67 active B2B clients and 25 managers controlling over 1 acre of crop yields.

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