Does Ryan Reynolds Own Mint Mobile?

Does Ryan Reynolds Own Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile, the largest virual network operators for mobile phones again becomes the part of a hot topic. Earlier where people were curious to know Does Ryan Reynolds Own Mint Mobile, now the curiosity have shifted to is T-Mobile buying Mint mobile?

Ryan Renolds, the loved Deadpool charcter is a successful businessman too along with his acting career. Other than owning Wrexham AFC, he owns two other companies too, which are Mind Mobile and Aviation Gin.

In a recent interview, T-Mobile revealed that they are planning to take over Mint Mobile. Does that mean now the ownership of Mint Mobile will be shifted from Ryan to T-Mobile? Let’s find out what’s the latest update on ownership of Mint Mobile.

Does Ryan Reynolds Own Mint Mobile?

Yes, Ryan Renolds owns Mint Mobile. He owns around 20-25% stake of Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile is a privately held company that provides digital as well as physical sim expertise.

Some resources are showing that the deal for acquiring mint Mobile by T-Mobile has been valued to $1.35 billion. If that happens, then ryan Renolds will be given his share of the company.

How much does Ryan Reynolds own in Mint Mobile?

Right now Ryan Renolds owns 25% of the company shares. For 25% stake, Ryan Renold’s will receive an estimated amount of $340 million if T-Mobile took over the company.

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What is Ryan’s Reaction On Selling Mint Mobile?

On March 15th, 2023, Ryan Renolds tweeted that he never though of buying a tele communication company, and now that he have that, he’s not planning to sell it to T-Mobile any soon.

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