Don Shane Cause Of Death – Was He Sick?

Don Shane Cause Of Death

Don Shane had a shining future in sports as he served as a sportscaster for over 3 decades for the channel Channel 7 (WXYZ-TV) in Detroit, Michigan. Don Shane created his legacy in his anchoring career by providing the best journalism scenes.

To honour his excellent presence in Detroit, Mona his wife reached the WXYZ network to give tribute to Shane. A lot of questions about Don Shane’s cause of death were raised but there is no official confirmation of the real cause yet.

Let’s find out what happened to Don Shane. Was he sick?

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Don Shane Cause Of Death

The cause of Don Shane’s death is yet not known. The anchor died at the age of 70 on 24th Feb 2023. He was with his family at the time of his death in California. Even when his wife appeared in the studio after his death she didn’t reveal anything about Don Shane’s Cause Of Death.

Shane retired in 2012 after serving 30 years in a sportscasting career. So many reports were released saying that he was suffering from an unknown disease which became the cause of his death.

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some reports even said that Shane was suffering from Parkinson’s disease at the time of his retirement. But none of these claims has been officially accepted by his family.

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