How Much Of Aviation Does Ryan Own?

How Much Of Aviation Does Ryan Own

Ryan Reynolds the famous Deadpool actor is a successful businessman, everyone knows that. He owns multiple companies like Mint Mobile, Wrexham AFC, and others. A few years back, Ryan also owned Aviation Gin too.

In 2020, Ryan Renolds sold Aviation Gin to Diageo. The deal was pretty impressive as the company was sold at a whooping amount.

If you are wondering how much of Aviation does Ryan owns right now? Ryan has no stake in the company at present as he already sold the company.

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How Much Of Aviation Does Ryan Own?

In the year 2018, Ryan made a deal and bought the Aviation Gin from Davos. With his charm and social media popularity, he grew the brand to great heights. His stake in the company is still unknown.

Later in 2020, the company was sold to another liquor giant in the industry, Diageo.

How much did Ryan Reynolds get for Aviation Gin?

Ryan Renolds sold the Aviation American Gin for a huge amount of $610. After he and his team sold the company, the revenue growth of the company increased by 18% the very next year in 2021.

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What companies does Ryan Reynolds own?

at present Ryan Reynolds runs a successful acting career which is his major revenue stream. Other than that he owns multiple businesses like Mint Mobile, and he is also the co-owner of Wrexham AFC.

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