Kevin Zhang Entrepreneurship Journey – 23 Year Old Millionaire!

Kevin Zhang Entrepreneur

It’s good to see young minds taking charge of the world. Kevin Zhang is one such young entrepreneur who gained so much popularity in eCommerce business management at the age of 23. Let’s learn more about Kevin Zhang Entrepreneurship journey ahead.

How a 23-Year-Old Earned Over $20 Million in E-commerce in Less Than One Year?

E-commerce is a tricky marketplace where so many successful entrepreneurs tasted the fruit of failure before they tasted success. It’s a journey that makes you go through many tests and trials, and you never know what works for you. The competition is also high and risk factor also prevails.

It takes years to strengthen your hold on the ECommerece marketplace but not in the case of Kevin Zhang. Kevin Zhang is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Kreator eCommerce, which is a successful eCommerce organisation.

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Kevin was just 23 years old when he started this organization and made jaw-dropping sales of $20 million across 20 countries. He built a huge team of 60 members and earned 250,000 customers worldwide within the very first year of his startup launch.

Kevin Zhang Success Story

Kevin Zhang was always open to learning. He took inspiration from major global industry rulers like Warby Parker, Bonobos and many others. Zhang believed that eCommerce is the future of business and hence gave all his dedication to learning new skills towards the same.

In an interview, Kevin revealed his childhood journey and how he started his journey from being broke to having just $3,000 in his bank account. He lived in the basement at his parent’s house where he learned digital and eCommerce market skills. He failed many times but finally, the hard work paid off at the age of 23 making him a global eCommerce leader within a year.

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Kevin Zhang Net Worth

Kevin Zhang’s net worth is expected to be in between $4 and $20 million.

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