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Rich Piana Cause Of Death

Rich Piana was a famous American Body Builder who died at the age of 46. The cause of his death remained a mystery for some time. Later in the news, it was revealed that he died because of severe heart disease.

What’s the truth behind Rich Piana’s death? Did he really die of heart disease or was the cause behind his death something else? After digging into his case and undergoing all the relevant evidence found, we are finally up with Rich Piana’s Cause Of Death.

Read the article till the end to know in detail about Rich Piana’s life and his murder mystery.

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Rich Piana Cause Of Death | How Did He Die?

Rich Piana is a famous personality in the bodybuilding industry in America. he started his fitness journey at the age of 11 years. At the age of 26, he started taking steroids and artificial body growth hormones. He knew that taking this stuff will harm his body but he took the risk and continued the steroid journey.

At the age of 46, he suffered a severe cardiac arrest, which became the cause of his death. Some reports are out that his cardiac arrest was a side effect of taking steroids only.

His brain cells got damaged and there was swelling in his brain which was operated on for around two weeks while Rich Piana was in coma. But nothing helped.

Inrich Piana’s autopsy report it was stated clearly that his heart and liver were double the sizes of a normal/average human heart and liver of any adult male.

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How did Rich Piana get into a coma?

According to sources circulated in the media, when Rich Piana’s girlfriend was giving him a haircut, he suddenly collapsed on the floor and was immediately taken to the hospital. But it was too late back then, as Rich Piana had a severe cardiac arrest. He remained in a coma for the next 2 weeks and then took his last breath.

How long was Rich Piana in a coma?

For about two weeks Rich Piana was in a coma after which he died.

How old was Rich Pena when he died?

Rich Piana was 46 years old when had a cardiac arrest which became the cause of his death.

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Rich Piana Net Worth

Rich Piana owned a nutritional product line by the name Rich Piana: 5% Nutrition. His net worth is calculated to be $4 million. All the money/income was majorly earned from bodybuilding and his other business models.

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