Shawn Boday Entrepreneurship Journey!

Shawn Boday Entrepreneur

Shawn Body is a popular name in the real estate industry. He’s a business expert and has founded various successful companies in the real estate market. His recently founded company is Perday Real Estate, LLC, in which he is the CEO and the founder.

Shawn is dedicated towards his work. He puts all his hard work, and persistence into his profession. when Shawn is off from his professional work, you can find him involved in various recreational activities like travelling, snowboarding, golf etc.

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Shawn Boday Education

Shawn Boday did his schooling at the University of Washington before he got into the real estate business. While studying in college, Shawd developed an interest in web development after which he started his very own company in web development which proved to be a big hit in his favour.

Shawn Boday Entrepreneur Journey

Shawn used his academic excellence and business skills to provide the best experience to his clients. Along with working in a web development company, he also got engaged in other entrepreneurship endeavours like real estate.

After gaining experience in the real estate industry and polishing his marketing skills, Shawn developed his own real estate company called Perday LLC. Here he provides land development and investment advice to people.

Shawn built this real estate company will the sole motive to provide the best housing facilities to his clients, no matter where they come from. At present Perday LLC is a leading company to build residential, official, and even retail spaces.

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Shawn Boday Project Perday LLC

The credit for making Perday LLC a big brand in the real estate world goes to Shawn Boday. His dedication, hard work, strong will, and humane vision were all responsible for this growth structure.

Starting from a single building purchase to building thousands of dream projects, Perday LLC has seen great heights. Perday LLC has a strong root set in the Northwest region.

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