Spinnaker SCA Acquires Accelogix

Spinnaker SCA Acquires Accelogix

Spinnaker SCA, a co-based supply chain company acquires another major warehouse management firm Accelogix. The acquisition amount is yet to be disclosed by the company.

Company Name Company AcquiredCompany TypeCEO/Co-FounderInvestment
Spinnaker SCA Accelogixsupply chainJohn SharkeyNot Disclosed

Accelogix is a leading management technology that provides robotic and automation services to various manufacturers and retailer clients. It provides the best automation services since 2012.

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Spinnaker SCA is a supply chain giant that started in 2021, led by John Sharkey. The collaboration of Spinnaker SCA and Accelogix will strengthen the marketing, supply chain planning and execution smoother.

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