Startup Wise Guys Raises €25M in Funding

Startup Wise Guys Raises €25M in Funding

Startup Wise Guys, one of the leading startup accelerator companies raised its first-ever funding round of €25M. The funding raised will be invested in over 200 startups from across the geographies and global markets where capital investment remained the weak point.

With the help of this funding, Startup Wise Guys will be able to expand their business across African and European continents as it expands its offices in Spain and Bilbao.

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In 2022, Startup Wise Guys came up with the execution of over 120 startup investments through its B2B digital SaaS program. The company has invested in more than 12 startups as of now. The beneficiary companies include StepShot and Kevin.

Many globally sound companies also joined its investment plans like Lead Ventures, A16Z, Northzone, etc. Startup Wise Guys vision is to fund companies that are in their early stage of growth.

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