What Is Ironic About Dan Cody?

What Is Ironic About Dan Cody

The wise man is the one who learns from others’ mistakes. Imagine learning from the mistakes of somebody rather than the positive advice you receive. Strange, right? Dan Cody is one such example of a successful and multi-talented businessman who was a very influential personality.

The Great Gatsby Novel which presents the story of a man’s struggle with fate and time introduces us to the character of Dan Cody. In the novel, Dan Cody is shown as a mining mogul who amazed every major shark in this field with his success.

What Is Ironic About Dan Cody is that his wealth and success attracted unfair and dishonest women in his life that any positive impact. In fact, Cody died due to a woman named Ella Kaye who inherited his wealth after his death.

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This clearly shows that financial prosperity comes with a hidden sword that hangs on your neck every time you make a big move. Dan Cody is presented as an alcoholic man whose condition worsened after the introduction of a lady love in his life. The women were only behind his money. Many business tycoons collaborated with him due to his success.

For Jay Gatsby, Cody was an idol. Another thing Ironic About Dan Cody is that Jay Gatsby learned from his mistakes and not his teachings. For example, Cody was into alcoholism. Due to this reason, he lost his empire and was introduced to death at the end. So Gatsby was highly influenced by Cody’s life to stay away from alcohol.

It is ironic that both Gatsby and Cody were self-made business tycoons who came from a poor background and turned their lives into royalties.

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